Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Agu and Sola Irukwu

Agu is passionate about marriage and building men of integrity. His interests include swimming, current affairs and reading; he is also a passionate supporter of Chelsea football club. Sola is passionate about God’s word. She is a keen explorer and runner and she enjoys travelling
Agu and Sola have been married since 2009 and they have three children.

Shola and Funke Adeaga

Shola plays squash, loves reading and music (listening to, creating and playing). Funke is passionate about encouraging, developing and empowering women through mentoring. She enjoys travelling and reading.
Shola and Funke got married in 1992 and they have two children.

Bajo and Chizor Akisanya

Bajo enjoys sci-fi movies, swimming and basketball. Chizor loves athletics, squash, art and creative writing.
Bajo and Chizor got married in 1997 and they have two children.

Bode and Kemi Olutunbi

Bode is a keen lover of music, travelling and football, and is passionate about seeing marriages thrive. Kemi is a lifelong learner and adventurer who is passionate about people discovering themselves in God, flourishing and excelling in their God-given gifts.
Bode and Kemi have been married since 2002 and they have one child.