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Let's Talk

“It’s good to talk,” is a phrase we often hear. Talking is important because it gives us a chance to share our thoughts. But it is also good to listen because listening helps us understand each other better. Communication is crucial for building a strong marriage.


Sex Talk

Sex is God’s wedding gift to us and, as with every gift, we need to receive it with gratitude. God’s desire is that sex in marriage is a delightful experience between husband and wife and a means of expressing our love and desire for each other.


Conversations with God

How often do you talk or listen to God? Intimacy with God is important and it is vital that we cultivate the habit of spending time with Him, recognizing and listening to His voice.


Unexpected Interruptions

Life happens, despite our best intentions, and things do not always go to plan. We lose a loved one, welcome an unplanned addition to the family, suffer a miscarriage, or encounter a health challenge. When situations like these occur, an appropriate response is crucial. Do we react with anger and bitterness? Do we count our blessings? Do we retreat and isolate ourselves? Do we look for the best way to move forward?


I Do

Marriage is a sacred covenant between God and a husband and wife. It is first a spiritual act which comes with responsibilities and obligations. At its best, it is a beautiful expression of the nature of the relationship between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; one of harmony and love where there is a knitting of hearts, minds and lives into one unique entity.


Money Matters

Money. It is unique in its ability to meet our needs and drive a wedge between the best of friends. The Bible talks about two becoming one in every aspect of the marriage relationship, including financially. Having the right attitude and perspective about money is critical to a successful marriage.


One Team

Every marriage is made up of a team consisting of individuals with different strengths. Good teamwork harnesses the power of their combined strengths and seeks to minimise their limitations.

Marriage offers a unique opportunity for couples to offer and accept help to/from each other. It brings two people with different but complementary qualities together for mutual benefit. Every couple is a team, playing on the same side, completing each other rather than competing against each other

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