One Team

One Team

He’s Perfect. But…

He’s Perfect. But… So you are marrying the man of your dreams…or the woman…. and everything is perfect but……his mum!  Yeah mother-in –laws (MIL’s) often have a bad reputation, which isn’t always justified. Think about it like this; without your mother in law, your spouse would not exist and whether you like it or not […]

The Entourage

The Entourage It’s interesting how when we are getting married our focus is very much on the individual we are marrying, and so it should be.  But we tend to forget that each one of us comes with our entire self….. at the very minimum we are the sum total of our experiences, our upbringing […]

Who are your children’s role models?

Who are your children’s role models? Whilst reading an article some days ago, I recalled a conversation I had with my daughter about role models. She was sharing her thoughts on who her friends role models are: People like Jaden Smith, Beyonce, yes, mostly famous people. I can bet if we take a poll of […]