Power of a Praying Wife

Power of a Praying Wife

The Power of a Praying Wife is a group of married women united by a desire to be wives after God’s heart, walking in obedience and commitment to His calling upon their lives as it applies to this role.
Being a wife is a calling from God into a ministry to our husbands. We therefore seek to serve in this ministry with our eyes fixed on Him who called us.

A powerful tool for our ministry is prayer for our husbands, without which we cannot fulfil the calling. We continue to learn that as we develop a relationship with God through prayer (speaking and listening), we ourselves are changed from within, our relationship with our Father deepens, and this impacts on the ability to fulfil our roles as wives.

Meeting once a month in each other’s homes or elsewhere, we discuss topical marital issues, share and learn from each other, study the bible, and pray together for our husbands. Most importantly, we encourage each other to pray continuously for our husbands as a crucial part of our calling. We understand that the power of a praying wife is not an invitation to take authority or control over our husbands but rather one to relinquish self-power, relying on God’s power and taking authority against the plans of the devil for our marriages and our husbands (Luke 10:19).

We also meet just to socialise, relax, let loose and have fun! For on information on joining, or any other inquiries about the group, please email info@tighknots.org

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Our Address

Jesus House, 112 Brent Terrace, Brent Cross NW2 1LT Phone:(020) 8438 8285 Email:info@tightknots.org Web:www.tightknots.org
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