What We Do


God designed marriage to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for two people, a man and a woman, of different backgrounds, personalities, experiences, strengths and upbringings who come together on the adventure of a lifetime as one.
With the establishment of the first marriage in the Garden of Eden, the male and the female entities were joined into one. This established the marriage covenant and set the stage for many more marriages that followed, with the two entities becoming a singular, united entity emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Marriage offers us the opportunity to experience the love of God through our spouses love for us. Enjoying marriage the way God designed it requires us to have His mindset and attitude towards it.
At Tightknots, our aim is to provide our users with resources, tools and events that help nurture and strengthen their marriages.


Our Address

Jesus House, 112 Brent Terrace, Brent Cross NW2 1LT Phone:(020) 8438 8285 Email:info@tightknots.org Web:www.tightknots.org
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