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Will You? “I do” … Then What?

Will You? “I do” … Then What? A vision of beauty, an eligible bachelor (soon to be un-eligible), a blushing bride, an expectant family, a starry eyed couple.   The music, the flowers, the hats ooh the hats! I love weddings!  For me they convey hope, beginnings and joy.  They rouse excitement and expectation. The bride […]

Dear Bride-and-Groom-To-Be…

Dear Bride-and-Groom-To-Be… I haven’t been married very long. In fact, it’s been less than a year since we tied the knot. So when my cousin who’s in the thick of making preparations for his own wedding asked me the other day, “How did you do it?!” I totally understood where he was coming from. My […]

Our Differences

Our Differences I believe that if we have the right perspective and attitude to our differences as husband and wife we would have a fulfilling Marriage and make a formidable team. The fact that we have different background, upbringing, gender, personality etc as husband and wife means that we would not always see things from […]