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Wallets and Handbags

Wallets and Handbags Men are from Mars, women are from Venus…Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti…Men are like knives, women are like forks… As we moved towards another pre-marital counselling class, thoughts about what marriage really means began to occupy the mind, leading to my own contribution to the ‘Men are…Women are…’ stable. […]

Can We Talk?

Can We Talk? A thought crossed my mind a few weeks back that perhaps I should focus my efforts on developing my communication with my husband. That might seem an obvious thing to have or desire in a marriage but I was thinking more along the lines of the fact that, as long as we […]

Our Differences

Our Differences I believe that if we have the right perspective and attitude to our differences as husband and wife we would have a fulfilling Marriage and make a formidable team. The fact that we have different background, upbringing, gender, personality etc as husband and wife means that we would not always see things from […]