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5 Steps to Heal Your Heartbreak

When your heart is broken, the pain can feel unbearable. What do you do when your world falls apart? Do you sit in the darkness and wallow in self-pity? Or do you rise above it, pick up the pieces, and find a way to heal? Are you prepared to keep moving forward even though everything […]

What to Do If You’re Waiting For The Right One

Waiting for the right one can be challenging, especially if you’re ready to find love and settle down. Not everyone believes in a soul mate or fairy tale romance, but that’s what you believe in—and isn’t it worth waiting for? If you’re single and searching for Mr or Ms Right, but your friends keep meeting […]

The Christian’s Guide to Self-Love

Self-love is not just a catchy phrase that you see on Instagram and say “Aww” in response. It’s something that millions of people struggle with, including Christians. As a Christian, it’s important to understand how our faith intersects with this commonly misunderstood and often disregarded concept.  We must find our value in the eyes of […]

‘Will you?’ ‘I do!’ Then what?
Written by: Tinuke Akinbulumo

A vision of beauty, an eligible bachelor (soon to be un-eligible), a blushing bride, an expectant family, a starry-eyed couple.   The music, the flowers, the hats ooh the hats! I love weddings!  For me, they convey hope, beginnings and joy.  They rouse excitement and expectation. The bride is all beautiful – I am yet […]

Reflections On Choice And Courtship For Singles
Written by Dr Okey Onuzo

 In Exodus 2:15b-22, we see the story of Moses; Moses helped out the daughters of Reuel who were often chased away by the shepherds.  Their father, surprised at how quickly they had returned that day, was quick to invite Moses to live with them and eventually marry one of his daughters. Finding a Suitable Other […]

I Don’t Mind Waiting
Siam Noel

Have you ever found yourself wanting something so bad that it interferes with your life somehow?   Have you ever wanted something so bad you think about it day and night, when the subject comes up you’ve talked around it with friends from every angle, you can see it in your sleep, You dream about […]

Dear Bride-and-Groom-To-Be…
Written by Ibiene Warman

I haven’t been married very long. In fact, it’s been less than a year since we tied the knot. So when my cousin who’s in the thick of making preparations for his own wedding asked me the other day, “How did you do it?!” I totally understood where he was coming from. My memories of […]

8 Reasons Not to Get Married
Written by Kemi Olutunbi

A marriage is a divinely ordained opportunity for two people to come together and maximise their strengths while minimising their weaknesses for their better good. Choosing a marriage partner is clearly one of the most serious decisions you will ever make since your choice will influence your success in virtually all other aspects of your […]

Before You Choose Your Wedding Date
Written by: Tinuke Akinbulumo

Marriage is a beautiful experience with the right person and with the right mindset. As you consider marriage, it is important you think carefully about the joys and demands of married life. Certainly, the wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and should be celebrated and enjoyed, however, you need to think about […]