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Till Death Do Us Part… And It Did!
Written by Tinuke Akinbulumo

‘Naked’ she said ‘Like I was just out of the bath in my towel and someone snatched it off me. So so vulnerable.’  I was having coffee with my recently widowed friend and she was trying to explain to me how she felt.   ‘I now understand what the Bible means when it says your husband is […]

Sex In Marriage: Perfectly Designed By God
Written by: Tola Phillips

Whether our sexuality has brought us deep fulfilment or led us into pain, despair, frustration or even boredom, we are created as sexual people in God’s image – male and female.  In Genesis 2:24-25, we see that God’s design for a man and woman is to be united as one flesh. God usually signifies a […]

5 Steps to Heal Your Heartbreak

When your heart is broken, the pain can feel unbearable. What do you do when your world falls apart? Do you sit in the darkness and wallow in self-pity? Or do you rise above it, pick up the pieces, and find a way to heal? Are you prepared to keep moving forward even though everything […]

Who are your children’s role models?
Written by: Joke Adedeji

Whilst reading an article some days ago, I recalled a conversation I had with my daughter about role models. She was sharing her thoughts on who her friends’ role models are People like Jaden Smith, Beyonce, yes, mostly famous people. I can bet if we take a poll of who our children consider role models, […]

What to Do If You’re Waiting For The Right One

Waiting for the right one can be challenging, especially if you’re ready to find love and settle down. Not everyone believes in a soul mate or fairy tale romance, but that’s what you believe in—and isn’t it worth waiting for? If you’re single and searching for Mr or Ms Right, but your friends keep meeting […]

Money Matters
Written by: Tayo Banwo

In today’s world, the haves makes an extra effort to distinguish themselves from the have nots. Money is often linked to a number of critical decisions in adulthood. It is amazing how many women and men are not shy to admit that one of the qualities they seek in a potential spouse is that “he/she […]

The Entourage
Written by: Tinuke Akinbulumo

It’s interesting how when we are getting married our focus is very much on the individual we are marrying, and so it should be.  But we tend to forget that each one of us comes with our entire self….. at the very minimum we are the sum total of our experiences, our upbringing and our […]

The Christian’s Guide to Self-Love

Self-love is not just a catchy phrase that you see on Instagram and say “Aww” in response. It’s something that millions of people struggle with, including Christians. As a Christian, it’s important to understand how our faith intersects with this commonly misunderstood and often disregarded concept.  We must find our value in the eyes of […]

Enjoy Your Sex Life
Written by Kemi Olutunbi

God designed our sex lives to be enjoyable and fulfilling. When God made a helpmate for Adam, she was suitable, complementary and adaptable to his needs – emotionally, physically and spiritually. When the first marriage was established, the joining of the male and the female entity into one established the marriage covenant and set the […]

Finances In Your Marriage
Written by Kemi Olutunbi

Money and finances in marriage is always a topic that generates intense and interesting discussions amongst married and singletons. The beauty of our Christian walk is that we already have a manual that provides guidelines on how to manage our finances as couples. As couples, we have differing opinions and attitudes about money and if […]