Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

‘Seeds of Love’ offers you an opportunity to pray with your spouse, learn more about each other and grow in intimacy with God and each other. It gives practical tips for building a healthy marriage.

God’s words in Genesis 11:6 are very clear: where people are united, nothing will be impossible for them. This is true in marriage. A couple praying together is a menace to the kingdom of darkness. God’s desire is that you have a beautiful and lasting marriage, where both husband and wife feel valued and appreciated and together fulfil God’s purposes here on earth.

Our prayer is that Seeds of Love, a Couples’ Devotional will give you an opportunity to share your heart with each other and grow in your love and understanding of each other and God, and that Christ’s presence will permeate every area of your marriage. Use this devotional to have conversations with your spouse and God each week and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with the wisdom you need for a fulfilling and lasting marriage.

We would like to encourage you to keep track of what God is doing in you and with your marriage. We would also love to hear about your Seeds of Love journey. Send an email for more information or on social media @tightknots (twitter) @tightknotsuk (facebook and instagram)

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